Sunday, May 10, 2015

Birthday Wishes

I know that today is Mother's Day, but it's also my friends 17th birthday. Because I did a post for Kimberly, I thought I should do one for Emily.
 I never really realized just how much Emily meant to me until she went away for two months.
 Talk about nothing to do!
 Love you Emily! So happy you're home! :D
 (You're amazing )

 (This is an old picture because I already posted my newest picture of me and Emily in my 'Picture Post')

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

1950/60 Singers I like

I’ve mentioned before that I like the music of the 1950s, but the truth is some of the songs I listen to are from the early 60s.

I don’t listen to ALL the songs these singers ever recorded, so if you know of one that sings a bad song, don’t freak. ;)

It’s kinda funny that most of the singers from this time that I listen to are boys, but there is one girl,

Annette Funicello:

Annette was with Disney, so she was not only a singer but also an actress. Some of her songs that I like are “Tall Paul”, “First Name Initial”, and “O Dio Mio”. I personally think she was very pretty and I LOVE her voice.

Frankie Avalon:

Frankie Avalon acted in movies with Annette, so that’s why I’m mentioning him next. I love the way he sings "The Ballad of The Alamo”. He played in “The Alamo” with John Wayne, so that’s probably why he sang it. Some other songs that I like of his are “Just Ask Your Heart”, “Moon River”, and the songs that he sang when he guest stared on “The Lucy Show”, I’m not she if he ever recorded those, though. (Sorry that the writing on his picture is in Spanish)

Ricky Nelson:

Ricky Nelson started out as 'Ricky', but later on changed it to 'Rick', so that's why this pictures says 'Rick Nelson'. I call him Ricky. He was also an actor, playing many years on his parents TV show "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet". I love him singing "My Rifle, Pony and Me" with Dean Martin in "Rio Bravo". (Yes, he also acted with John Wayne) Some of his songs are "Hello Mary Lou", "Everlovin' ", "Wonder like You", and "Garden Party".
Buddy Holly:
Buddy Holly is most known for the way he died. In a plane crash along with Ritchie Valens and 'The Big Bopper' (don't ask me who he is). I like him singing "Peggy Sue", "Peggy Sue Got Married", "That'll be The Day", and "Everyday".  
Ritchie Valens:
Chancy says I have to mention Ritchie Valens. Personally I don't think he's that grand, but I do like two of his songs: "La Bamba" and "Come on, Let's Go"

Paul Petersen:

Paul Petersen was known for acting in "The Donna Reed Show". That's how I found him. We were in Idaho, staying in a hotel and watching MeTV. "The Donna Reed Show" came on and he sang a song in that episode. Things just went from there. I like him singing "My Dad" and "She Can't Find Her Keys". He also sang "Watch Your Footwork" with Eddie Hodges in a Disney movie.

Eddie Hodges:

I grew up watching Eddie Hodges in Disney's "Summer Magic". He sang in that movie, then one day I remembered that Felicity had mentioned that he was a singer. I fast-forward to the credits of "Summer Magic" and found his name. Then I added him on Pandora and there I heard him sing "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door" and "Halfway".
Johnny Crawford:
How I found Johnny Crawford is kinda a long story, so I'll just skip that. ;) I have a Cd of him. The songs that I like of his that aren't on my Cd are "Something Special", "Treasures", and "Little White Cloud".
I would tell your about The Everly Brothers but Felicity wants the computer and I have chores to do.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Remembering Summer 2014

With summer coming, I've been thinking about last summer.
 Summer is AMAZING!
 I can't wait!

4th of July last year!

Taking LaKaysha's grad. pictures

Ready for Conventions

When it's midnight, your sisters are at a youth gathering for Conventions,
and the house is still 'alive and kickin', why not go swimming?
The birthday picnic we had for Marita's 18th
I tried to share a video of my uncle singing at the family reunion that was last summer, but my computer is pretty slow and I don't have patience. ;) maybe later