Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kimberly, My Friend

Tomorrow is my friend's birthday. I still can't believe she'll be seventeen!
Wasn't it just yesterday that we were playing dress up at Grandma's? Swinging on the swings, eating the cold ice cream that Grandpa always had?
 I remember when we'd play in the creek at Kimberly's house. They had a old cabin near the creek and that would be our house, or school. Though, most of the time it took us so long to 'clean' the playhouse we hardly ever got to really play. But, that was half the fun!
 I'll never forget those wonderful days when Kimberly lived near us. Now she's moved away, but she's just as dear to me and I enjoy every letter and phone call from her.

Happy Birthday, Kimberly!
 I Love you!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Picture Post

Just some random pictures from my life!!

My pink record player, and the vinyl's I've collected so far!
(Besides my Christmas albums)

My amazing family acting like themselves!
Ranch 2014

A random picture of the sun! It was shining in my face during a picnic we had!

Me and my Tootsie-Roll!

My sister, playing her life away.
Me and Emily at the beach.

Being crazy at the beach.

Long Beach 2015

Some hats we found at the store!

For LaKaysha's 17th birthday we watched her favorite movie and ate popcorn that
Chancy bought us for Christmas.