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Favorite Fall Outfits Tag

I was tagged by Kylie @ My Simple Life for the Favorite Fall Outfits Tag.

This was a lot of fun. Thanks for tagging me, Cuz! <33

*I can't take credit for owning every single article of clothing, 'cause - SISTERS* *winks* 

~You have to do at least four outfits (the more the better) 
~ Has to be your favorite outfits *whispers - I probably broke this rule - wink* 
~ If you're not having fun doing the tag, don't do it 
~ You have to tag at least one person 

I tag: 

have fun! 

favorite outfit? 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Q&A answers || no vlog (go ahead and be sad - or happy, idc)

So. I tried to do a Q&A vlog, but I couldn't figure out how to upload it. And then I tried watching it again, and... yeah, why even try upload that!? *covers face*

So. Here's just a lame (lame because it's not a vlog - not saying your questions were lame *winks*) post with the answers to y'alls questions. #sorrynotsorry

Natasha H. -- 

~ What is your top three favorite colors?
mint, pink, and .... grey?? But I feel like grey isn't really a color. *winks* Maybe light purple.

~ Have you ever played the game called Spoons? (it's fun *winks*) 
YES!! And it IS fun! I used to play that game a lot at my great-aunt and uncle's. It could get really loud. *winks* One time we played with granola bars because we couldn't find spoons. And who ever got out got to eat one. *winks* I liked it best when we got the boys to play with us... and when we played at a round table. Because I'm a small person, and it's hard to reach the spoons if you're not at a round table. I haven't played in a long time. I don't like games, you can ask anyone. But I've always loved card games like Spoons. *winks*

~ What is your favorite kind of cookie? 
Chocolate Chip. They were the first thing I learned how to bake, because they're my favorite.

~ If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? 
This one is hard. I thought about it for a long time. Finally I decided I would have a horse.

~ If you could eat anything you wanted right now, what would you pick? 
*gasp* Strawberry Gelato from that random little place we found in Boston!!! *dies* Tyrel let me try his, and I wanted to steal it from him, but he wouldn't let me. *winks* 

Julia Ryan --

~ will you please sing a song?? THAT A LEGIT QUESTION HEHEHE
*laughs good and hard* *stops* No. My answer is N-O. *winks*

~ ever do bean boozled? 
Nope. And I don't think I'd ever want to. There was a time when I wanted to, but now... I'd rather not throw up, thanks.

~ black or white laundry baskets? 
um... we've always had white *shrugs*

~ cold water or warm water?
I feel like this question must be about laundry because it's next to the laundry basket question... cold.

~ favorite ice cream flavor?
COTTON CANDY. Or coffee. Or mocha. Or Candy Cane. Or White Chocolate Raspberry Yum (and the "yum" is part of it's name for a reason *winks*) Or Chocolate Chip Mint. Or Black Raspberry. Pumpkin Pie is even good. *nods* 

~ least favorite ice cream flavor?
Peanut Butter sounds wrong. I hate peanut butter period. But in ice cream??
I feel like that doesn't count because I actually haven't tried it.
So.... Cookie Dough might be my 'least' favorite but I still love it. *laughs*

~ led light bulbs or no? 
um.... i have no idea

~ ever make a friendship bracelet? 
no. But I have a couple that my cousin Kimberly made me a lonnnngggg time ago.

~ have you ever had use for a fire extinguisher? IF SO WHY
Never actually used one. But there was a time one it would have been nice to have one around.
That time at my grandpa's ranch and he was trying to fix a four-wheeler and it started on fire. In the barn. With it's saw dust floors. Next to the gas cans. And the flames were rolling across the ground and people were yelling "fire". Grandpa and the boys got it out and all was good. But can imagine how much less stressful that moment would have been if we had a fire extinguisher?

~ what is your favorite book? 
Oh definitely The Daybreakers by Louis L'Amour. No doubt about that. (that's actually the book I'm reading right now)  But I also love Spring's Gentle Promise by Janette Oke and Love Me Tender by Janice Hanna.
ok, that was three. *laughs*

~ have you ever knitted? 
oh yes. I knit. I crochet more than I knit, but I do do it. It's been a long time since I've done either one. I have no yarn, and I just haven't had a reason to. I kinda miss it. Maybe I'll start being creative again this winter. When I'm stuck in this cold house for weeks. *winks*

~ andy griffith or i love lucy?
please nobody hate me. I'm gonna have to say The Andy Griffith Show.
I do watch I Love Lucy sometimes but I've never really liked it. I felt bad for Lucy, I feel like all they ever do is make fun of her. So when asked to chose between the two (like now) I'd say Andy Griffith. Sorry Lucy fans. *winks* 

~ blogger or wordpress?
blogger always. *winks* 

~ when was the last time you played a prank?
oh boy. a lonnnnngggggg time ago. My aunt and uncle (Mikey and Missy) still lived here and they've been gone, what, five years? feels like longer.
Anyway. My parents were gone. Mikey and Missy were gone. And I feel like even Carson and Mindy (also aunt and uncle) were gone. I have no idea where they all went. But all us kids were home alone, so we prank called each other. Of course we kinda knew who was calling us, but we had some good laughs. *winks and sticks out tongue* 

~ when was the last time you sang?
oh shoot.... *thinking* .... yesterday??
well, besides just randomly bursting into song like normal. But I believe it was yesterday when I last song karaoke.

Emily S. --

~ What is your first memory of a computer? Phone? Smartphone? 
Thanks Emily! You picked an impossible question.
Computer? ...... well, my earliest memory of a computer would be of playing/watching other ppl play games at Grandpa and Grandma's. (before Grandma died) We played The Oregon Trail Game, Yolanda Yellsalot, The Lie, Zoo Tycoon, Jack and the Bean stock... and just a lot of games. *winks*
Phone? ... like, cell phone? Well, I do remember when my mom and dad didn't have cell phones, and then they did. But I don't remember them getting them. I do remember going to Grandpa's one time to get babysat while my mom went and got a new phone. It was a flip-phone but it flipped the other way, like a laptop sorta. It was "the newest/coolest thing". *laughs*
Smartphone? my first memory of anything like a smartphone would be my cousins ipod. It was basically a phone. It was such great fun. *winks and sticks out tongue*

~ What is your favorite family song? (one written or sung by family) 
oh boy. You're good and picking hard ones. *winks*
Well... O'Neil (great-uncle) sings "Red Wing" and I love that. (he didn't write that one)
my favorite song that he wrote would be "Father Have Mercy".
And Jane (great-aunt) wrote "Grassy Flats" and love that one. Also, Jennie (great-aunt) wrote some, and Roger (dad's cousin) wrote some really nice ones but I can't remember them, even Chet (great-uncle) wrote one that I really, really love but I can't remember what it's called!!
I love the song Jennie wrote for Grandpa after Grandma died. I just now decided that would be my favorite: "Hold Me Closer Lord"...
"I can feel His presence in this place. And angels wings softly caress my face. Your peace and love surround my heart and I'm at rest. For I'm held tightly, at my Savior's breast. Hold me closer Lord, I need you even now. Pour your grace, your spirit as I bow. Winds may blow and toss me around but then, You'll gather me into Your arms again!" 
I completely forgot about it till just now, so don't be surprised if I'm singing it all day long from now on. *winks*

Katie B. --

~ What's your favorite season?
fall. I am obsessed with fall. I love it. But I love summer too. I actually love all seasons, and by the end of each one I'm excited for the next. But fall is my favorite for sure. Summer second.

~ What's your favorite modern song? (written in the last couple years)
oh boy. So, I had to think of the most modern song I listen to, then looked it up. I don't know if I found the right date, but if I did, this song was written in 2014... which was three years ago. Does that even count?
I listen to old music, ok? I listen to modern music more than the rest of my family (and they tell me my music scares them).
But! He's what I came up with:
"You're Not Alone" by Owl City

~ If you could live anywhere in the United States, where would it be? 
Ok. I love where I live. Which is a good thing, right?
 Realistically, if was to move from here, I'd move to New Hampshire. I have family there. I have friends there. And there's a church there. (which is a huge thing for me)
But dreamy-ly, I love the look of Wyoming. When we drove across the country back in 2014, the only state we drove through that I liked was Wyoming. So rustic.

~ If you could visit anywhere in the United States, where would it be? 
well, NH is my first thought of course. *winks*
but the real answer to this question would be Alaska.

~ Favorite dessert?
another hard one. *winks*
I don't really like cake. Please don't freak out.
I love Pumpkin Pie, Black Bottom Cupcakes, and... *tries to remember what that other one was* OH! Strawberry Glaze Pie. That was three, but I'm a rebel. *winks and sticks out tongue* 

~ Favorite thing about fall? 
Lots of things are my "favorite" *winks*
The rain after a dry summer.
Sweaters and cozy socks.
Pumpkin things.
Hot coffee.
Even school (even though I'm graduated)
My birthday.
Cold air.
Fluffy blankets on my bed to keep me warm at night.
the first fire (in the stove) of the season
Hot tea.
Rain. (even though I already said that)

~ Pens or pencils?

~ Favorite school subject?
Hmm.... it was probably History or Math.

~ How many states have you lived in?
*laughs to my side hurts*
one state.
one county.
BUT. I have lived in four different towns, and seven different houses. Not that I'm proud of it. I would've rathered we stayed in one house forever. *winks* But, where we do our shopping and where we call "town" has always been the same.

~ Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
ice cream.
if the question was ice cream or gelato, the answer would be gelato, but that wasn't the question. *winks*

~ If you could meet any three people in history, who would you pick?
So, when I did the vlog, this is what I came up with, and I'll just go with them:
George Washington.
Walt Disney. (and don't tell me he doesn't count!)
And John Sager. I have no idea why, but he popped in my headm so why not?

~ Would you rather sky dive or scuba-dive?
scuba-dive. falling is like my worse fear.

Liberty S. -- 

~ cats or dogs? 
as if you don't know, dear sister.

~ lemonade or iced tea?
iced tea

~ what's your favorite baby name? 
Izzy. (girl)
Or Tildy. (also girl)

~ shorts or pants?
I like the look of pants better, but I wouldn't want to wear them if it's too hot.

~ what's your favorite holiday?
besides Christmas, because that's everybody's favorite holiday, right?
The Fourth of July

~ do you like sparkles? 
a little bit. *winks* I'm obsessed with bubbles, sparklers, and fireflies (even though I still haven't seen them) and I feel like those are "sparkles".

Kylie --

~ Mansion or little house?
because I live in a little house, I'd take the mansion. *winks*

~ deer or elk? 
for eating? it's been too long since I've had deer. And I've only had elk jerky. but still Elk.
for looking at? Elk.
for listening to? Elk.
for wanting to see in the wild? Elk.
so, Elk. *winks*

~ pink or blue?
everything I own is pink. My record player. My earbuds. My WALLS. My travel cup. My travel MUG. My phone even!
So I'd probably say blue just to add some color to my life. *winks*

~ what time era do you wish you lived in? 
the 1950s.

~ what's your favorite wedding dress? Please put picture!
one of these two. *hearts* 

~ Math or English? 
Math without a doubt!

~ Winter or Summer? 

~ Flip-flops or sandals?
Hm... probably sandals.

~ Paint or draw? 
So. I don't paint, like AT ALL. But I do doodle??

~ What do you wish you had not done? 
I wish I hadn't made fun of Tyrel and Kirsten for listening to Casting Crowns and Tenth Avenue North. #sosorry 

~ apples or bananas?
apples. They remind me of fall. the smell of making cider. *sighs*

~ Dresses or pants? 
I'd actually rather wear dresses more, but I still love pants.


I DID IT!!!!!!! *confetti* 

so now it's your job to comment a whole bunch below!! *winks*

Friday, September 15, 2017

Beautiful Words || September

i want to live 

without life feeling meaningless 

life I'm not afraid 

where i can love freely

how people will see the real me 

with total abandon

like there's a burning purpose 

where i'm a free spirit 

and can laugh with joy

with undoubting assurance 

like i'm a princess 

where human opinion doesn't matter 

without regrets holding me back 

like i'm overflowing 

how God intended 

by: Natasha H. 

top picture pc: sister felicity

bottom picture pc: cousin tyrel

beautiful words credit: cousin natasha 

P.S. Life has been crazy, and I can't figure out how to get the Q&A video in my post, so I'm just gonna have to type out all my answers. Which might take a while, with this crazy life I have right now. But it will be coming, at some point. Someday. *winks*

Saturday, September 2, 2017

five facts || should I do a Q&A?

bored, so here's five random facts about me that you may not know *was gonna do ten but couldn't think of that many*, and random pictures I took over a year ago (I haven't taken pictures like that in a loooonnnngggg time) *winks*

1- of all my cousins (close to seventy) only seven are just my first cousins. Seven plus one who's actually not really related to me 'cause he was adopted. Seven. All the rest are also related to me in some other way. It's even hard for me to comprehend this. How is it only seven? also, of all these cousins, there is only one that I've never met. *nods* 

2- I am related to Jesse James. For years it was a rumor, but now it has been proven and call me weird, but I think it's the coolest thing ever. It's proven. Frank and Jesse James are my cousins. I always believed it even when it was just a "rumor". Jesse looks like family. Because he is family. And why else would my great-great grandma get a letter from him,apologizing for not being able to make it to her wedding? I can't believe some people doubted. *shakes head* *winks* 

3- I am a mutt. Mostly Finn or Scandinavian. Plus German, American Indian, English, French, Irish... to name a few. Mostly Finn because my Grandma is 100%, making my dad half... plus there's a little Finn on my mom's side, but from that side we're mostly Indian and German. And then there's English on my mom's side. Maybe some of you remember learning about The Deliverance saving Jamestown in history? Yeah, that was my relative who was captain of that ship. And Delaware state? That state was named after one of my grandpas... and this same grandpa was governor of Jamestown. *nods* So those are my English relatives. *winks* ...
being a mutt makes me truely American, right? *winks* 

4- I was born October 14th (10.14.99), at 10:14 a.m. after 10 hours and 14 minutes of labor...*blink blink* if that's not cool, I honestly don't know what is. 

5- I was named after the Dominican Republic (well, actually the Island of Dominica, which is in the Dominican Republic)- but my great-aunt thought the spelling should be changed a bit. To make it more feminine. And here I am - Daminika. I can't even imagine writing my name out as D-o-m-i-n-i-c-a... no, that would be just weird. I like the spelling the way it is. <3 

also, should I do a Q&A post? If you think so, ask me a million questions in the comments! (and if I don't get a million, I won't do it *winks*) 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Photo Dump || August 2017

Phew! Here I am! and just so you all know, trying to download pictures off my phone this month was crazy. I don't know why but some pictures wouldn't download and it kept having errors. So do not like this windows 10 thing. I have no idea how to use it. *facepalm* I used to understand computers, but now... no idea. still need to figure out how to get my snapchat pictures and videos on here.
But enough about my problems!

We're ending another month!

August was full, and lots happened. At the beginning of the month I was actually at my aunt and uncle's. Feels like forever ago.... ANYWAY!

H E R E' S   T H E   P H O T O   D U M P: 

 $.50 frosty <3 

 The wedding was way too beautiful!! <33333 

 And Kirsten was so adorable I could've cried!!! (also little Kaaren killed me) 

 the day after the wedding we went for a hike up Bell's Mountain... and this time I didn't even come close to passing out. *winks* 

love blue raspberry Italian Sodas <333

random pic of me and Eponine *grins* 

way. too. hot. I want it to go away. but it'll be back up there again next week... 

Eponine and Sinatra <3 

for once I had coffee with my breakfast. <3 

heading to the beach for the day *grins* 

and of course we stopped at the Column *grins real big* it gets easier each time you climb it *winks* 

easier for everyone but LaKaysha... *laughs* 

aunties <33

and umm... something happened on the ride home and we kinda were overtired or something *winks* 
changed things up a bit in our room :) 

my sister steals my phone and takes selfies while I yell at my kitten in the background because she's crazy and jumps off roofs. 

hangin' on the barn roof with the sis 

and this is when we went camping, but of course I'm skipping over all that *winks* 

and the eclipse happened. that was really cool! 

tried curling my hair for once 

got coffee <33333

Little Eponine <3 

I think I did good when it comes to writing in my diary this month! *highfive*

went out to breakfast with sisters and aunts one Saturday morning <3 

and my baby sister turned 13!! So we had a sister slumber party in our garage bedroom. Ate snacks and watched "Sleep Beauty" for the first time since I was a kid. who says you need to have friends over to have a sleepover? Sisters work great. *winks* 

me and my tootsie-roll. It's been a while since I've called her that *winks* but for real people, this child is my twin. 

still can't believe she's thirteen!!! *dies* 

I love the moon, y'all <3 

And ice cream. I love ice cream on a hot day. (and we've had way too many of those) 

Hope y'all enjoyed!! 
What did you do this month!?