Tuesday, June 19, 2018


  Who else freaks out before flying? Please tell me I'm not the only one.
This trip, I was extra nervous because I didn't have Felicity or Kirsten with me. I had flown last year, and so had LaKaysha. But Marissa and Marita hadn't done it in years. Whether they were counting on us or not, we felt pressure. Like it was up to us to get us all safely and uneventfully to New Hampshire. Talk about stressful.
And then my cousin tells LaKaysha, "Calm down. Daminika's got it all under control."
Me - "Oh thanks a lot." *rolls eyes*
My parents brought us to the airport, helped us check our bags, and walked us to security. We said bye, and then I lead the way through the security line. Like I knew what I was doing. But inside I was panicking. *laughs* There were dogs there, so we didn't have to take our shoes or anything off. Talk about easy. *wipes sweat* All that freaking out, blink, and you're through security heading to your gate.

Once we found our gate, we had plenty of time. So Marita and I walked to a coffee shop and got Italian Cream Sodas. By this time, I was finally done shaking. And I really do enjoy flying. It's such an adventure and when you're done you're somewhere else. It's kinda odd when you think about it. Wake up at home, go to sleep at Grandpa and Grandma's . *winks* 

and we're off!

By the time we landed in Chicago it was dark. And I was obsessing over the city lights <33
We got off our plane, and made it to our next gate just as they started boarding. Talk about perfect timing. I didn't even have time to let people know we had landed and we were on the next plane. It was crazy. I don't usually like to text while walking, but I didn't really have a choice! A million people were texting me, wondering how the flight was and all that. My parents. My brother. Felicity. Cousins.
"We landed but can't talk we're boarding the next plane right now as I type this"
*wipes sweat* had no idea so many people cared *winks* 

And of course we were tired and I just wanted to be there already. Grandma's guest bed was calling my name. *winks*

Finally we landed in New Hampshire. At 1:30 AM
Of course, before we even started packing for this trip, we had to find someone willing to get us from the airport in the middle of the night. Most people we knew had jobs to think about, and we didn't want to make anyone lose money because of us. But we just kept coming back to my cousin, Tyrel. Young. Single. No family to support. He could take a day off of work and it wouldn't kill him. Plus he lives at my grandpa and grandma's so he could just go straight to bed when we got there. So I asked him. He was a doll and agreed to get us.
So as soon as I was able, I turned my phone off airplane mode and it blew up with texts - most of which I ignored, except Tyrel's. He was already there waiting and said to let him know when we had our luggage and were at the curb.
We walked to baggage claim, and waited. And waited. It felt like forever before we started to see our bags. Mine was literally the last one to come out.
Walked outside, called Tyrel. Seen him pull up in Grandma's car. Stuck our luggage in the trunk. Climbed in. And we had done it. We made it to New Hampshire all on our own. The rest was up to Tyrel.

Of course we got lost on our way "home". *winks* 
I just sat back, took in the smell of Grandma's car, and listened to LaKaysha and Tyrel mumble from the front. Every once in a while Tyrel would ask me something, but for the most part we were all too tired to talk.
By the time we made it to Grandpa and Grandma's it was three in the morning. And by the time we finally went to bed it was 3:30.
And another amazing trip to New Hampshire had begun.

Do you enjoy flying?
Who else loves city lights? 

also. Sorry if these posts take a while. Turns out I had to have one of my wisdom teeth taken out only six days after getting home. And I have to go back and get two more taken out. #notexcited

Beautiful Words || June '18

Yesterday is history 

Tomorrow is a mystery 

And today is a gift, 

that's why we call it 

The Present 

~A.A. Milne~