Monday, January 8, 2018

hello. goodbye.

Hey all you random people of the blogging world!

My life is about to get crazy. as if it hasn't already been crazy 
Next week is the week of the Felicity's wedding, and I just don't know if I'm ready for the craziness that's gonna fall on our poor heads. Starting Thursday of this week, people start to get into town. People flying in, flowers to get done, decorating, rehearsing, hanging out, run this here, pick up that from there, eat, sleep, and somehow survive.

So, to help with keeping the stress down, I'm gonna take a blogging break until February. But I may schedule this months "Beautiful Words" post. If I find time.
I know it's the beginning of the year, and I've only done one post so far this month, and it just seems totally unfair to leave you guys. But I really won't have time.

So until then! *blows kisses* 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Two-Thousand-and-Seventeen || Review

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January was a month of being snowed in. Having cabin fever, dancing in the bedroom, wishing the snow and ice would just go away so I could go to church, see family, go shopping, go to the library. For four weeks we didn't leave the house except three times - once to The Big Town (between storms), once to a youth gathering, and once to Cabela's with cousins. 
When the snow finally went away, I was as happy as could be. 
I got my very own phone for the first time, and I ran around taking pictures with the awesome camera. 
reading Louis L'Amour books, writing my pen pal and in my diary, eating ice cream and drinking coffee, nothing too exciting happened in January. Life just went on. I thought we had a good start to the year, but then... 

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February came, and I was glad to see it go when it was finally over. 
The hardest month I ever had to live. LaKaysha turned nineteen and we through an amazing birthday party for her, with out of town cousins coming down for it and everything. 
But the next morning, my world fell apart, with the news that my dear cousin and friend had run off into the world. I hurt. I hurt for her and knowing what she was doing. I hurt for her parents, her siblings. For my grandpa and Nana Sue. I never really hurt for myself until months later (I honestly can't remember which month). And I'm still hurting. But I know all I can do is pray. 
All through February, the song "Stop The World and Let Me Off" was going through my head. 'Cause I was tired of going 'round and 'round. 
I wanted to get away. Go on a long vacation, and just relax. So I started dreaming of New Hampshire, where my grandparents live. 

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Ever so slowly, I started to get back to my life. We took a trip up to see my aunt and uncle, and that was so wonderful.
Spring finally came. I was truly trying to lean completely on God and be happy again. I tried to get a job, but it just wasn't for me. All the different things to remember just stressed me out way too much - and then my grandpa in NH had to have open heart surgery and I really wanted to go out there - so I quit the job. And it was amazing how much that lifted off my shoulders. It's clear that God did not want me working that job.
Anyway, I was stressed and feeling stuck. I knew I had to do something to get away. I wanted to relax for a while, then come home, take a deep breath, find a new job, and start over. 'Cause we had a pretty bad start to 2017.

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On April 5th, my dad booked three tickets to New Hampshire  - one for me, one for LaKaysha, and one for Felicity. I was so excited! I could hardly believe we were actually going. The plane ticket alone completely drained me of money, but I didn't even care. I needed a break from life. *winks*
My cousins, Kirsten and Emily were able to book tickets on the same flight out there. So use five girls began to plan a trip to the East Coast!
My great-grandpa died, and family came from all over the place to attend the funeral.
The beautiful Ranch that my grandpa owned my whole life, got sold, he packed it all up, and now there are new owners. But we have the memories. And such beautiful ones that are. *hearts*
I came down with a cold or something, and I've been so sick in all my life. I came in and out of it for three days. Burning so hot with a fever that I thought a pool of ice water would feel nice. I slept on the couch most of the time. Barely strong enough to walk to the bathroom. I someone made it out to our garage bedroom each night, but one morning, when I came in the house, I only made it to the kitchen before I started passing out. I was able to lay down and drink some orange juice to keep from passing out. That was pretty awful, but I was thankful I got it before our trip.
Julia wrote a poem for my picture, and of course I was tickled pink. go read it if you haven't already. *all the love*

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On May 9th, we boarded the plane and headed to New Hampshire.
These memories are probably the best I have from 2017. I, along with my sisters, spent almost a month at my grandpa and grandma's house, and we had a wonderful time. Didn't see much of Felicity, because it was then that she met the guy she had been talking to for quite some time, and they officially started dating. Oh the night of Felicity coming in the bedroom all starry-eyes. *winks* I met my little twin cousins, and they are adorable! Let me tell you! Enough to make you burst!
Kirsten and Emily spent two weeks out there with us, and we had a wonderful time! Visited Boston the day before they flew out, and that was the grandest of times! We also seen a beautiful sunset. Went to Pickity Place. Climbed a "mountain"
And after Kirsten and Emily went home,
I learned to drive a stick-shift.  I got fidget spinner. Went bowling for the first time - glow bowling too. And then we had to say bye, on June 2nd. But I'll be back! Someday. *winks*

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June. I was having a hard time getting used to being home. *laughs* after a month, you get used to the "new norm" and it took about a month to get back into the "old". *winks*
But summer had come! Which meant hanging out on the barn roof, swimming, picnics, blue skies (this is important, y'all *winks*), riding around with the windows down, sunglasses, and campfires.
We made a trip up to the mountains just to hang out up there in the fresh air.
I got a kitten! (She's now a cat, the cutie *winks*)

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Felicity's boyfriend visited for the Fourth of July, and we managed to do a whole summers worth of fun stuff in the ten days that he was here. We went to see the volcano. Hiked "Felicity's mountain". Went to the beach and climbed The Column - the same day. Then Josiah flew back to New Hampshire.
And I then went up to my aunts and uncle for two weeks to help babysit while they went away for their anniversary. (stayed an extra week just for fun *winks*) That was a fun time! (miss you Chase <3)
By the time we went home, it was August. *smiles*

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About this time, I started freaking out about turning 18 in October. *laughs at myself*
Made another trip to the beach and column.
And then we made a weekend camping trip to the mountains! It was so. much. fun. You don't even know. Can't wait to do it again!
The eclipse happened of course. *winks*

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September came, and with it some scares with my grandpa's health.
Felicity flew to New Hampshire to visit Josiah, and when she left I knew she'd being coming back with a ring on her finger - and I wasn't wrong. *winks* 
My mom and dad made an unexpected trip to NH during Felicity's trip, and me and LaKaysha were left home to get the bro to drivers ed, make sure the kids got school done, and somehow keep the house rolling until our parents got home. We did it too. *winks* 
It didn't rain for a long, long time. And we had to stay inside due to smoke from forest fires. I sure didn't like that. There were fires all around us. And we just sat in the middle. Talk about scary. 
On September 7th, it was ten years since my grandma passed away. And that day I was at my grandpa's, having a baking day for his hunting trip with the grandsons. That was fun, and tiring. *laughs* 
Then it finally rained. 
And I got a job, working once a week. I've been loving that cleaning job. <3
Fall came.

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The month that I had been scared of because I didn't want to turn eighteen. But the fourteenth came. And the fourteenth went. And I spent my eighteenth birthday wedding dress shopping. 
I just ran around loving fall to death (literally - it dead. And now winter's trying to take it's place in my life *winks) 
Nothing to amazing happened in October. 
We just planned the wedding - and we're still doing that. *winks* 
And we planned the shower.

click here to see November's photo dump 

November, huh? It was busy. And it just fleeeewwww by. Thanksgiving came. Josiah visited. Kirsten visited. We somehow pulled off the shower. Helped my aunts move into their adorable little house. 
Worked. Got a cold. Got better. Got another cold. 
And November was gone. *winks* 

click here to see December's photo dump

We went to find some snow. But it turns out we we've seen snow anyway. *winks* It snowed on Christmas Eve and I had a white Christmas for the second time in my life!

Goals for 2017: 

Visit my grandparents in New Hampshire.  been there, done that. *grins*

Try a Grinder. of course I did that. *winks*

Get a job. so far, so good. *laughs*

Ice skate on a pond (maybe Grassy?) hahaha. nope. I had wanted to go to NH for Christmas, but life happened. *laughs*

Visit the Ranch again? nope. it's sold.

Go to the Memorial Day Campout. I wasn't able to do this because I was in NH. *winks*

Goals for 2018:

Visit New Hampshire again. 

Go visit that my aunt and uncle at least once. 

Don't trip while walking down the aisle in the wedding

Hang out with my pen pal.

Hike Silver Star.

Go camping.

Go ice skating. 

Make adventures happen. 

2018. I wish I could say I was ready for you. *laughs* but I'm sure you'll be full of adventure.

*special thanks to all who were there for me in 2017. My Mommy. My Daddy. My grandparents. Aunties. Cousins. And you too, "Roberta". I wouldn't have been able to make it through without you guys. LOVE YOU ALL*