Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Beach with the Cousins || I'm Nineteen Now

Thursday, the 11th of October, we headed out on the road. Me in the drivers seat, Chancy in the passengers, and LaKaysha taking up the rear (aka sitting in the back). This was my first time driving anywhere that meant freeway driving. The first time I ever drove anywhere longer than 45 minutes. My first road trip. And we were heading to the beach to join Auntie and Uncle and alllllllll their kids.
I was so nervous the night before. But when I woke up and got ready to go, I was chill. I knew I could do it. And I did.
I drove all the way to Rockaway, OR. Without "adults".
Well. Our first goal was Cannon Beach.

the river.

In Cannon Beach, we met Auntie, Tyrel, Kirsten, Shiloh, Chase, and Kaaren for lunch. We went to a little restaurant for food, and then to the chocolate shop we went to back in April.

After the chocolate shop, Chancy jumped in with Auntie and Kirsten stayed behind with us. We walked out on the beach for a while, looked in a gift shop. But then headed back out on the road to go the rest of the way to Rockaway. This time without a GPS or anything. Just following the signs. But we did it. *winks*

We stopped at view points along the way, and took some pictures. It was a lot of fun, just the three of us, making our way down the coast. And we got some nice pictures too. xP

Once we got to the beach house where Auntie and Uncle were staying, this is what we did. *points at below pic* sat on the bed and watched TV. *laughs*

okay. okay. we went for a walk out on the beach. xP

And the rest of the day was spent just relaxing at the beach house. watching tv and doing nothing.

the next morning we (me, LaKaysha, and Kirsten) walked to a pastry shop and got some breakfast. also got some coffee from the coffee shop, and then walked out on the beach, sipping our morning coffee <33333

And then we went to the Tillamook Creamery. My first time there since I was a kid.
But it wasn't really that cool. Nobody was working so we just looked at the machines. Then some people got in line for cheese tasting. But I don't really like eating cheese by the chunks (even if it is Tillamook xP) So I followed Tyrel and Chancy around the gift shop for a long time.
And I wasn't feeling very good, so didn't get any ice cream. *laughs* I know. I went to Tillamook and I didn't get cheese OR ice cream. I'll just have to go again *winks*

After the creamery we ran some errands, and then stopped at a store and got some beef jerky. (Tillamook makes the best things - even jerky) And then we went back to the house.

(below is the only pic I got on that trip to Tillamook *chuckles*)

At one point during that day, we dragged all the kids out to the beach to take their family pictures. always an adventure *winks*

my sibs <3

trying to take a selfie with Kaaren, but Chancy decides to photo bomb xP 
but Kaaren is a cutie pie <3

with her big brother, Tyrel xP

After the pictures we just "played" on the beach. Kirsten actually jumped in the water. The Pacific Ocean. In October. She's crazzzzy. *ignores the fact that I was actually the odd one because I didn't go in the water* xP

Shiloh, Chancy, and Laban. 

And then everyone was wet. So we ran back and jumped in the hot tub. xP

yummy coffeeeeeeeee

That night we went back to the beach to take silhouette family pictures.
well. first us girls huddled in a whole by a fire, listened to old rock (like Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley), froze to death, and waited for everyone else to come.

the path to the beach

and that night, my Auntie made me strawberry shortcake for my birthday <33333 (also gave me a gift card xP)

and that was the end of our time at the beach with the cousins. the next morning we loaded up and headed home. It was a wonderful time, and I'm so glad I forced myself to drive outside my comfort zone <3

Oh hey! I'm not eighteen anymore!
My birthday was on Sunday (the 14th) and now I'm nineteen. XD

Beautiful Words || October '18

"This is my favorite time of year, just before the holidays start. I love that feeling when everything is new, that anything can happen feeling" 

~Izzy Pettibone, Road to Avonlea