Monday, February 17, 2020

the small joys || tag

I. Thank the blogger who tagged you (thank you, sista)
II. List 15 of your Small Joys (They can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them!)
III. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!)
IV. Have fun with it!

|one| cleaning up my room.
when you spend your life cleaning up other peoples houses, it's nice to have a day when you can just stay home and clean up your own mess xP

|two| books on a bookshelf
good books, that is. <3

|three| Kate Marie
my niece brings me much more joy than anything else on this list ever could

|four| sunglasses
I love wearing sunglasses, which is probably why I own three pairs xP

|five| Country Fried Steak from Shari's
this meal. I could eat this meal till I died and I wouldn't care

|six| Iced Caramel Latte
from any of the million coffee shops in my area

|seven| throw pillows on my bed
for the first time in yeaaarrrrsss there's throw pillows on my bed and it makes me so happy. I want mooorreeeeee xP

|eight| a full tank off gas and knowing that I can get another one when this one is gone
too many times I haven't known when I'd be able to get gas again.

|nine| a good song playing on the radio
this is so rare (music that's coming out these days all sounds the same - it sucks). but a few songs that still play on the radio I really enjoy. When this happens I turn the radio up loud and do a little happy dance. And squeal, "I love this songggg!!!" *laughs*

|ten| candles
I love to burn a good candle, though I am picky about what my candles smell like. Usually I like ones that smell like trees, lilacs, or apple cider.

|eleven| heeled church shoes
I don't own many, but oh how I love them. Especially Vintage Mary Janes <3 I don't own a pair of Mary Janes but someday...

|twelve| driving
I'm sure you guys already know that I love to drive

|thirteen| earl grey tea
Oh this is so good. I love to make myself a cup of tea and read a good book <3

|fourteen| rose gold
I love rose gold. Rose gold sunglasses, rose gold key chain, rose gold compact mirror - those are things I have that are rose gold, but my list of rose gold things I'd like to have could go on forever

|fifteen| ice cream
"Great party, but no ice cream. We go home."
That's my own version of a quote from a John Wayne movie *laughs*

I tag:

|LaKaysha| because, uh, she's LaKaysha

|Felicity| because she's the best biggest sister in the world

|Marissa| because she's my auntie and she likes to do tags

|Natasha| because she's been there for me when I needed a friend
(and I know she was already tagged, but she brings me joy, so there)

|Maddy| because she reads my blog <3


Thursday, February 6, 2020

twenty facts about twenty-year-old me in twenty-twenty

Hello there! How has life been for y'all? Life's been busy for me. With relatives flying in from out of state for a wedding, and work, and babysitting, life has been nuts. But. Come Saturday, it should all calm down. But, this isn't a life update. This is a fun post that I seen Natasha do, and then I realized that I am a twenty-year-old in twenty-twenty. How cool is that? Of course I had to do this post when I realized that! Like Natasha, I'm gonna try to think of facts that I've never posted on here in my five years of blogging. Five years today, actually.

1. I sometimes wear guy clothes.
yup. you read that right. I have some shirts and things from my uncle and my grandpa, and sometimes I raid my brother's closet. Guy clothes can be super cute and are sooo comfy. trust me.

2. I love to organize. 
I would love to re-organize my bookshelf every week if I could. It makes me so happy. So when my boss says it's time to deep clean the kitchen cupboards inside I'm like yaaassss I get to organize the cabinets again! hehe

3. I sing in the car. 
It almost doesn't matter how comfortable I am with you. If we're in the car together and a song I know comes on, I most likely will sing. The more comfortable I am with you, the louder I will sing

4. I wore a microphone in school because I was so quiet.
But wait. I thought you were homeschooled? 
Well, yes. But from 1st-3rd grade I went to a Christian School, and I was always so quiet the teachers couldn't hear me. But in 2nd grade my teacher understood not being able to talk loud and he had a microphone he had to wear. When it was my turn to read to the class or if I was answering a question he would let me wear it so the rest of the class could hear me.

5. When I was twelve I broke my left foot when I fell down the stairs. 
I can't remember if I've already mentioned this on here or not. My uncle and cousins had to carry me around until I borrowed a pair of crutches from my grandpa. Once I got a cast on it was a walking cast, so I didn't have to use the crutches long.

6. LaKaysha and I used to be able to re-enact this scene from Meet Me in St. Louis:
we sang the song and did the dance - all of it.

7. My favorite new tv show is Psych
Not that I think it's a perfectly clean show that everyone should watch, but I love it.

8. I love Mac N Cheese
even though I hated it as a kid

9. I have never read Little Women 
but I will!!!

10. I still make up stories in my head, and not always at night.
Sometimes I make up stories while I'm at work, or just sitting on the couch, or eating supper. And I don't make up just crazy stories. Sometimes I just imagine myself doing everyday things like baking cookies *laughs*

11. I am a Christian and I attend a small church that is a part of the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America.

12. My first celebrity crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
and I'm not ashamed to admit.

13. When I was little I was deathly afraid of the book Parts.
To the point where my mom and aunt both had to hide the book from me. We still have it, and I still refuse to look at it.

14. I grew up listening to Cedarmont Kids

15. I grew up with Packy the Elephant.
but I thought his name was Vacuum.

16. My family says I am very dramatic.
*very long sigh*

17. I started to write a book once.
and it was a pretty good story too. Took place in WWII, about four friends who all got involved in the war.

18. I have no clue how to act around people who are aren't my family.
Because I've never been around people who aren't related to me in some way. Not because I don't get out, but because my family is huuuugggeeee.

19. I don't know what color my hair is.
Light brown? Dirty blonde? please help.

20. My sister calls me "Fatso"

Did any of these surprise you? Can you relate to any?

Saturday, February 1, 2020

beautiful words, february '20

Can't see it with your eyes, hold it in your hand
But like the wind it covers our land
Strong enough to rule the heart of any man
This thing called love

It can lift you up, it can let you down
Take your world and a' turn it all around
Ever since time nothin's ever been found
Stronger than love

Thing Called Love by Ed Ames

Happy February,folks! The love month! <3

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

goodbye january of 2020

Can you believe that January is already  almost over? only three more days.

How's your year going so far? Mine is pretty good. I'm getting back into the schedule of working after that long break in December. Plus I'm getting my life organized. And by that I mean, organizing my stuff by buying baskets and things to make my life feel just a little bit more put together.

I've never been the planner type person, but I guess I sorta turned into one over time. Because the idea of getting a planner and using that to schedule my job and also just keep track of important dates sounds fun. Though I haven't actually taken the time to pick up a planner yet. But I've been writing lists lately, and I find it refreshing. Helps to organize my thoughts. Lists of what books I need to read (I have way too many books on my bookshelf that I haven't read), what I'd like to watch this year, and things I'd like to do this year. I wouldn't call these goals, they're just lists of things I want to get done. It helps my brain not explode. *laughs*

I've also been trying to write in my diary more. I know my family is already wondering how I could possibly have so much to say, but if you read my diary you'd understand what I mean. I've been trying to write down my thoughts more. Instead of just the typical "Today I...". Though I do still write that *winks* also, I started a new diary so that's nice!

So, yeah. Basically I've "getting my life together" xP and so, I'd say the year has been off to a good start.

This post was supposed to be a photo dump, and I know that that's what most of you want to see. But, to be honest, I don't feel like taking the time to download my pictures from my phone onto the desktop. and I don't feel like putting that post together. I'd rather just talk about what's going on in my life. Maybe share a picture or two. So that's what I've decided to do instead of photo dumps. I hope y'all aren't angry with me. But really, I shouldn't force myself to do posts I'm not proud of, right?

So, here goes. January of twenty-twenty.

Well, first of all we started the year off on the right foot. As is, we were standing on our right feet *winks* New Years Eve was spent at my aunts' house. For those of you who haven't been following me for a long time, I have two aunts who are pretty close to my age, and they live together in an adorable little house near by. So, that's where I spent New Years Eve. We had ice cream sodas, watched The Avengers, and played games. So, that's how we welcomed 2020 *smiles*

January was full of snuggles, and giggles, and smiles, and "talks" with darling little Kate. She's getting so big! I'm pretty sure she can recognize people now. She loves her Uncle Chancy. She nearly bursts with excitement whenever he's around. When he walks away her eyes follow him all across the room. It's adorable. And if someone she doesn't know is holding her she sometimes acts shy until one of us who see her weekly comes and talks to her, and then she's ok.
He little "chats" are the cutest things ever. As I write this,  my mom is holding her, and she's looking all around the room. Like an adult *winks*

We got some snow this month. Not much, but enough to make the drives to work beautiful. There's nothing like a pine-covered hillside all white with snow. And then when the sun shines just so on that said hill *hearts for dayyyyssss* Despite the snow we got each night, we were always able to make it to work each day, so that was nice. Snow in our area usually means slushy or icy roads, but not this round. A part of me is hoping we get some more snow before winter ends, but the other part of me wants to be able to go to work every week xP

Work had been going pretty well. As well as cleaning strangers houses can go *winks* We have done some school, and that seems to be going well too. I really do enjoy teaching that cute little boy, who's now seven! He was five (turning six) when I started teaching him, so that's crazy.
It's nuts to think that we've been doing this cleaning thing for over a year now. With four clients now. I'm secretly hoping to get one more client this year. Only if it's a client from my church of family. Just because another stranger client would be too stressful. xP

Felicity and Josiah will be moving out of their apartment next month, so we went over there yesterday to help Felicity get some things packed. So that happened *winks*

Also, I was in town with Liberty (and NOT LaKaysha. shocking, I know) one Saturday and my dad said I had to take my car in and get one of the tires fixed because it kept getting low. I was super stressed about this. It was my first time taking my car in for anything, and I was afraid of what it would cost. My dad was sweet enough to meet me at the tire place and talk to the for me. (I think I'll be able to do it alone if there's a next time) and guess what! it was freeeeeeeeee!!!! My cousin (who we bought our car from) bought the tires there, so fixing them was free! So that was a bunch of stress wasted *laughs*

Watched in January:
Jurassic World
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Geronimo (1993)
Spiderman: Far From Home
Emma (1996)
The Shadow Riders

Read in January:
Girl Defined by Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal
A Bundle of Letters to Busy Girls 
The Orphans Wish by Melanie Dickerson
The Book of Proverbs

Heard in January:
Give Me His Last Chance by Lionel Cartwright
Make Him Wait by Abby Anderson
Manic Monday by The Bangles
The Great Northwest by Mighty Oaks

So that's how my January went! How was yours!? Are you going to miss photo dumps, or is this kind of post ok?

Monday, January 27, 2020

rock/pop singers || quiz answers!

Today I'm coming at you with the answers to the questions I asked in my last post! For each correct answer give yourself five points! I don't have any prize or anything, I just thought this would be fun! Leave your score in the comments below!

Q: What show did Ricky Nelson star in? 
A: The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, where he stared as himself along with the rest of his family.

Q: What was Elvis's natural hair color? 
A: Sandy Blond!

Q: How many times was Frankie Avalon married? 
A: Once! And they have eight kids!

Q: Does anyone know {The Everly Brothers} first names?
A: Don and Phil! Which is which? don't ask

Q: How did Buddy Holly die?
A: In a plane crash, along with Ricthie Valens and The Big Bopper. Known as The Day The Music Died.

Q: What Disney musical did Paul Petersen appear in along with Eddie Hodges?
A: The Happiest Millionaire!

Q: What movie is the above picture from? (see here)
A: Gidget

Q: Were Paul and Paula their real names?
A: Nope! Their names were Ray and Jill

Q: Who discovered Annette?
A: Walt Disney himself!

Q: What show did Johnny appear on before he landed his role as Mark McCain in The Rifleman?
A: The Mickey Mouse Club, though it was only for a season or two since he was one of the Mousesketeers to go when Disney cut back.

How did you do?